CheckWriter™ Checks By Phone Software

CheckWriter™  is a stand alone payment system that works with any Windows computer. Using a laser or ink-jet printer, you create a draft of the customer's check, which can be deposited into any U.S. Bank the same day, guaranteed. There are no associated transaction fees and no special bank account is required.

Obtain authorization by inbound or outbound telephone call, a fax of a check, an eMail order, or an order placed via an Internet form or shopping cart. With proper authorization, customers can be billed on a monthly reoccurring basis.

Take checks by fax:
Learn how to take accept checks by fax.

Take checks by phone:
Learn how to take accept checks by phone.

Take checks Online:
Learn how to take accept checks online.

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Over 70 million Americans have checking accounts, but no major credit card.  These individuals pay for their Internet access with an electronic check, and they expect you to take checks by phone as well.

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CheckWriter™ is not only simple to use, but it comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.  If you are not delighted, give us a call and return CheckWriter™ for a full refund.

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