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The leader in checks by phone software for 17 years, CheckWriter™ publishers just released CheckWriter Cloud™, beginning a new generation of check by phone / check by fax software that is browser based.

Unlike CheckWriter Classic™ designed for PC installation, CheckWriter Cloud™ will
work on any PC, Mac, Tablet or device that uses a web browser. Just log in with your username and password and everything is done on the cloud.

How does it work:
Take a customer's checking account information as a check by phone, check by fax, or online check through a shopping cart, then enter or import it into CheckWriter™. Next, print a physical draft of the check with no signature required on blank check paper.

Then, deposit the check draft into any bank the same day with no fees.

Deposit drafts just like a check you receive through the mail or over the counter. Use the ATM, Night Drop, Teller, Drive Through or desktop deposit through your bank.
Most banks credit your ledger balance for full face value the same day.

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