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CheckWriter is the leading check drafting software in the industry.  Laying the foundation for check by phone, and drafting software design, CheckWriter is now preferred by more banks, collection agencies, wholesalers, merchants, municipalities, hospitals, utilities and attorneys. Software published by is used by all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies for 2008.

U.S. Foodservice, now processing thousands of CheckWriter payments monthly, boasts they are, "one of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States. The company distributes food and related products to over 250,000 customers, and employs more than 29,500 foodservice professionals."

Division Credit Manager, John Ross said, "CheckWriter saves the mail time it takes to get a check from our customer, to our office, and into our account."

Slim and Tone women's-only fitness clubs founder Betsy Ludlow announced,  that after only 2 years in business, they have over 130 locations opened or planned.

LaJoy Daigle, owner of the Batesville, AR Slim and Tone franchise is one of the dozens of Slim and Tone fitness centers using CheckWriter software.  

Ms. Daigle said, "clients sign a 1 year contract and only have to write one check. At the franchise level, we take care of the rest with CheckWriter.  

I don't have rely on clients to pay us.  They know what day their payment is coming out, and they are prepared for it."

J.D. Byrider leads the industry as North America’s largest chain of used cars sales and special finance dealerships, with over 100 locations.

Pam Wilson, Communication and Insurance Manager for CNAC, the parent company for J.D. Byrider, noted that they process over 5,000 payments monthly using CheckWriter software.  

"Our collectors take payments, over the phone in our call centers across the nation.  We are able to get more payments in on time with CheckWriter.  This system makes it easy for our customers because they don't have to mail a check, or drive to a lot," said Wilson.

Jefferson Federal Bank is one of over 350 banks and Federal Credit Unions currently using CheckWriter software in their own collections department to increase collections and reduce delinquency.

Collections manager Laurey J. Barbee wrote, "Its always Friday in the collection department if you know what I mean!  CheckWriter makes it very convenient for customers that are past due and cant seem to make it into the bank.  Also, our clients that live out of town or work out of town are very impressed when we tell them we have pay by phone at no charge."

Kelly Stewart, Collections Supervisor for MidSouth Federal Credit Union, a 7 location Georgia based institution remembers life before CheckWriter.

"I was asked for so many years if I did checks by phone, but I could only answer no.  Now, checks by phone are crucial to my collection department."

The greatest benefit is not having to hear that 'the check is in the mail.'.  Our members are more than happy to have me produce their check, and as an added attraction to them, I don't charge for this service, as most other institutions do."

East Commerce Solutions, is one of the numerous merchant bank card processors using CheckWriter to help increase sales and customer retention.  This 55 employee company claims they retain an astounding 80% of their clients, according to a statement at the company's site by CEO,  Ed Medeiros.

Seinor Administrator for ECS, Shashanna Hagopian said, "we use CheckWriter every month for our Merchants Club monthly payments, as well as monthly rental fees, and monthly hosting fees. We also draft new and old customer accounts for terminal purchases."

Industrial Acceptance Corporation (IAC), servicing over 100 dealers,  is a finance industry leader in offering financing for retail purchases, and consumer leases.  

Vice President Robert LoRicco said one of the biggest advantages to using CheckWriter is, "being able to offer as many 'no charge' payment options as possible to make it easy for the customers."

Mr. LoRicco said he has increased collections by over 500 payments monthly since implementing the CheckWriter system.


Hear are actual customer reviews, taken from letters customers have written in over the years:

"Two things convinced me to buy your software. Your generous return policy and most of all the rapid response to my e-mailed questions."  -Larry W.
"And your service ~ you answered our incomplete email with the correct answer to a question you could only anticipate."  -P. McKay
  Thank you so much for your efforts ... you were extremely helpful in identifying my technical support issue and you had me up and going in no time.  You have found a good group to work with.  Have a great evening and again, thank you for your prompt support.   -R. Hamilton
. . . I read through your literature and I must say I have been won over.   Thanks guys for making me a better businessman.    -Gary L
  I really like CheckWriterTM .  A friend of mine would like information on how to order also.  -Anne L.
It is a real pleasure to deal with a company who puts customer service above all else. I believe in that very strongly. I look forward to working with you in the future.  
-B. Rick
  I just received my first bank draft on-line check, and  I printed it our and took it to the bank.  Thank you,
I love it.
  -Celia P.
Thanks for the support you provided me with earlier in the year.   Look forward to doing business with you in the future.  -Daughn A.
  Hi Folks. God bless you ! I thought there was no software like this . . . and then I found you.  I write the Business Edge column for ComputorEdge magazine in San Deigo and Denver and syndicate the articles to other computer mags around the country.  . . . So when I was writing this column about receiving checks by phone, fax and email, it was doubly sweet to see that someone was making such software . . .  -Skip P.
. . . In our hectic day to day living, we sometimes forget to compliment folks on a job well done. Thanks a lot for the outstanding job you are doing and we wish you continued success! -Freddie R.
  Thank you so much for your prompt replies.  You have excellent sales people.  I have been given so much hands on, that perhaps I have been spoiled.   I will recommend your company to others and want someone to know what valuable employees you have.  -Calvin V
Thanks! I'm open for business. I love the way [my site] looks and am referring all my friends to you. I expect to be getting back to you before too long  ... a wonderful beginning. Regards.   -Sarah B.




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