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Why Buy CheckWriter Brand?

CheckWriter was the first check drafting software package released for general distribution after deregulation, and is celebrating its 16th year in circulation. Used by more businesses in the United States, to process check drafts, than any other brand*

CheckWriter is proudly made in the U.S.A. by American workers, with American materials and was developed by American programmers! CheckWriter development and support is provided by an all-U.S. staff, who make a living wage, and have health and dental insurance plans.

CheckWriter developers are Microsoft Certified so you can be confident that CheckWriter software will comply with all industry standards and won't cause problems with your bank, your customers, or have compatibility issues conflicting with other software on your PC.

Businesses want confidence in their financial software, and that is why more banks, insurance companies, municipalities, utilities, realtors, institutions and small businesses choose CheckWriter Brand Software.

If you still don't take checks by phone, checks by fax, or check payments at your website, choose CheckWriter Brand drafting software with confidence. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is never a risk.

Need more reasons to choose CheckWriter?
- No Monthly Fees
- No Transaction Fees
- Credits to your ledger balance the same day
- Accepted for deposit by all banks in the U.S.A.
- No special printer required
- Published Money Back Guarantee
- Supported by U.S. staff
- Release 7.1 - 16 year-old-product
- Works with any Windows computer including Windows7
- 30 Days Free phone Support
- Easy to use interface, Anyone can use it
- Complies with ANSII standards and Check 21
- Distributed legally / CheckWriter is KYC compliant

don't forget CheckWriter will:
- Increase Collections
- Increase Cash Flow
- Save on credit card fees
- Put you in control of payments
   Add Options for your customers

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*2009 Email Survey Based on Circulation Claims.

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