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Because you are a Farmers Agent, you qualify to get CheckWriter software at a discount price that is not available to other businesses.

This is the same CheckWriter Brand software already used by hundreds of
Farmers Agents
to take customer's check payments by phone, fax or online and then print a draft of the check that you can then ACA it ike a normal
customer payment and deposit it into the bank.

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Increase retention with the software used by so many other Farmers Agents.
  Do you take checks by phone?

See why hundreds of Farmers Agents already use CheckWriter Software.

CheckWriter™  is a stand alone payment system that works with any Windows computer. Using any laser or ink-jet printer, you create a draft of the customer's check, which can be deposited into any U.S. Bank the same day, guaranteed. There are no associated transaction fees and no special bank account is required.

Obtain authorization by inbound or outbound telephone call, a fax of a check, an eMail order, or an order placed via an Internet form or shopping cart. With proper authorization, customers can be billed on a monthly reoccurring basis.

If you are not delighted, you can return the software for a full refund.

What other Farmers Agents Have Said About CheckWriter >>

"We use CheckWriter for monthly payments, renewals, and cancellation collection. CheckWriter is simple to learn and very convenient. Customers call in with their bank info and it's done.

[Our] customers say we are the only insurance company that offers this service.  [I found out about CheckWriter from] another Farmers Agent.

CheckWriter has saved MANY policies from canceling in my agency. "

                                                                  - Chris Espinosa
                                                                     Farmers Insurance
                                                                     Rio Rancho, NM

"Customers will call to pay their monthly payments. They can fax or call in check information. CheckWriter saves business that would otherwise just go away.

We are able to retain business that would otherwise disappear."

                                                                 - Victor Chavez
                                                                    Victor Chavez Farmers Agency
                                                                    Mustang, OK

"We take checks over the phone for all transactions including collections, renewals, new business, and monthly payments.

CheckWriter increased sales, [gave] better results with collections, higher retention, more renewals, fewer cancellations.  It is a convenience to my customers.

[I found out about CheckWriter because] the District Office uses it."

                                                                - Victor White
                                                                   Victor White Agency
                                                                   Manteno, IL

Frequently Asked Questions >>
Over 70 million Americans have checking accounts, but no major credit card.  These individuals pay for their Internet access with an electronic check, and they expect you to take checks by phone as well.

Money Back Guarantee >>
CheckWriter™ is not only simple to use, but it comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.  If you are not delighted, give us a call and return CheckWriter™ for a full refund.

Try the Free Demo >>
Learn all about CheckWriter™ with a  FREE interactive demo.  Click on any feature and learn how CheckWriter™  will help you expand your business immediately.

Discount Program
For All Farmers Agents.  This coupon code must meet the requirements of the offer, and is valid for phone or web orders only - not for fax orders.

Farmer's Insurance Agents
New Locations Take 10% off CheckWriter Software
Coupon code "FARM10"

Farmer's Insurance Agents
Ongoing 7% Discount on Check Stock orders over $20
Coupon code "FARMERS"

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"CheckWriter has saved many policies from canceling in my agency."

- Chris Espinosa


"CheckWriter increased sales, [gave] better results with collections, higher retention, more renewals, fewer cancellations. "

- Victor White

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