Affiliates Make up to $50 per sale. 

Referral Link Program:   

The referral link system is where potential customers click on a link on your website, go to the website, and place their order. We then  ship CheckWriter directly to their door.  

You provide the traffic, and we will provide the commissions.

Sign up for the affiliate link program and make $25 for each new CheckWriter Single User Version or $50 for each Network Edition sale.

Joining this program requires your referrals come through the website.

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Distributors Make up to $250 per sale.

Wholesale Distributor:   

Simply buy CheckWriter by the case and enjoy a steep margin by selling it in your retail store, trade shows, lectures, classes or selling it to new/existing clients. 

Businesses that do best with the wholesale program: 
Consultants, Accountants, Lecturers.
Merchant Account Providers / ACH Merchant Providers
Retail Stores / Business software specialty
Providers of Medical Billing Packages
                    Accounts Receivable Packages
                    Other Billing Systems
Ecommerce Web Developers  

CheckWriter™ software is available at wholesale prices
  "by the case" at a substantial discount. 

Licensed distributors can purchase Single User Version
                                  cases of 10 units for $390.  [$39 each] 
                             with an Suggested Retail Price of $100 each

     Network Edition wholesale 10 units for $990.  [$99 each]
                             with a Suggested Retail Price of $349 each

    Plus, Re-sell Blank Check Stock
    17% Discount for resellers [stock or drop for 500+ qty]

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