Wholesale Distributor:   up to $250 per sale

Wholesale Distributor:   

Simply buy CheckWriter by the case and enjoy a steep margin by selling it in your retail store, trade shows, lectures, classes or selling it to new/existing clients. 

Businesses that do best with the wholesale program: 
Consultants, Accountants, Lecturers.
Merchant Account Providers / ACH Merchant Providers
Retail Stores / Business software specialty
Providers of Medical Billing Packages
                    Accounts Receivable Packages
                    Other Billing Systems
Ecommerce Web Developers  

CheckWriter™ software is available at wholesale prices
  "by the case" at a substantial discount. 

Licensed distributors can purchase Single User Version
                                  cases of 10 units for $390.  [$39 each] 
                             with an Suggested Retail Price of $100 each

       Network Edition wholesale 10 units for $990.  [$99 each]
                             with an Suggested Retail Price of $349 each

    Plus, Re-sell Blank Check Stock
    17% Discount for resellers [stock or drop for 500+ qty]

To Get Started:
Download this free wholesale application

Once completed, you can place orders for CheckWriter™ Software at the wholesale prices listed above.   



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