CheckWriter™ "FIX IT Support"

New service available called "FIX IT Support"
for a flat rate of $39

Here is how it works: - Broadband Required

1. Place an order for FIX-IT Support
2. Select your call back window.
3. FIX-IT Support
will call you on-time.
4. Go to and enter
    the "Support Key" provided by the phone rep.
5. The FIX-IT Support
representative will fix
    your issue OR you will not be charged, period.


- Must have a valid registered copy of CheckWriter™ software
   and CD ROM available. Solution may require upgrade to version 6.1+
- Must enter support key from computer terminal with the support issue.
-  FIX-IT Support™ cannot recover deleted data if no back up is present.
-  Repeat calls for missed appointments will incur a $5 per call charge. 
    See terms of service for additional details.

If you purchased a CheckWriter Single User Version Upgrade and did not select the support option, you can add Fix It Support for only $19.99 for one issue. Network Edition Upgrades must use standard Fix-It Support.





Try new
FIX IT Support

We fix it for $49 flat rate
or its FREE.

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