CheckWriter™ Upgrade Details for Windows 10 v1703

NOTICE: CheckWriter 7.8 and prior versions will not run on the Windows 10 Creators Edition v.1703 and requires a full installable upgrade.         See Details Here

New Windows Creators Edition Upgrade v1703
will Disable CheckWriter.

If you still use CheckWriter LEGACY Edition installed on your PC, it will not work with the new Windows 10 "Creators Edition" version 1703, if you upgrade, or purchase a new PC with it installed.

What can you do to keep using CheckWriter if you do upgrade?

1. You can upgrade to the CheckWriter CLOUD.
- Limited Account $8 per month
- Unlimited Account $19.99 per month
- Multi-User Account $29.99+ per month
- You will never need to upgrade again!

- Upgrade to CheckWriter Cloud Click Here
                                           starting at $33.00

2. Get a CheckWriter 7.9 LEGACY for Windows 10 v.1703
               on Flash Drive
- Designed to work and install on all Windows 10
- Works with Windows versions 1703 and prior,
               with RCCI / EPC-6 included

- Upgrade version $79.99 on Flash Drive Only
- No CD
- Version 7.8 users and prior versions entitled to
               THE UPGRADE PRICE

- SPECIAL OFFER for those who Ordered 7.9 Upgrade or
        BDP after 1/1/17 ... get the FLASH drive at
        the replacement price of $29.99 + S&H

- Upgrade to CheckWriter 7.9 . Click Here
                                    starting at $69.99 + S&H

or call us and we can take care of you by phone

Windows 10 version 1703 "CREATORS EDITION" is a pre-release of Windows-S. The Creators Edition Upgrade deletes many of the modules and files that run CheckWriter.

CheckWriter cusotmers who upgrade to Windows 10 CREATORS EDITION can get a new installable FLASH DRIVE at the UPGRADE PRICE, or they can upgrade to CheckWriter CLOUD.

Windows-S will NOT run ANY installable software and will ONLY run "APPS" or Cloud Applications like the CheckWriter Cloud. A subscription based version of CheckWriter may also be available for PC through the WINDOWS APP STORE.

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