The DUPLEX Edition For LAN [2 users]
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$199+S&H for new users - full version includes 30 days free FIX IT support.
$89+S&H existing Single User Customers - upgrade version no support.

The CheckWriter™ Duplex Edition is designed for businesses who will have up to 2 simultaneous users,
at one physical business location.

All users can share information based on their unique log in credentials which are pre-set by a system administrator.  All transactions and alterations are recorded under the username of the person logged in.

This versatile and easy to use system allows you to have multiple security levels, a user for data entry users and an admin for management. Customize permission and easily control printing with administrator review, and batch printing.

These are the
Features of the Duplex Edition:

• Standard License Covers 2 Terminals [seats]
    cannot be expanded.
[more than 2 users = Need Network Edition]

• Works on LAN, in multi-user environment [Up to 2 users]
• Each Terminal Using CheckWriter Shares One Database

[added in v6.3]
• Mapable Import and Export Functionality: 
   Create and import from any file, and export in any format.
One-click Global Search "binoculars toolbar search"
Administrative Login: Full Functionality Separate User IDs
                               [customize permissions]
User Login:  Limited Functionality and Full Accountability
                   [customize permissions for each individual user]

[NEW for 7.9]
• Has database backup utility with auto-scheduler
• Includes real-time RoutingTool ABA lookup Utility on Toolbar
Installs on Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8 & 10 version 1603
100% Check 21 Compliant:
            -  Works with desktop deposit
            -  Works with "no envelope" ATM scanners
- Optional Removable USB Flash Drive for Automatic
                                                         Secure Back-up

Additional Features:

• Effortless Double Click Installation from CD ROM
• Easy to Learn, Easy to Train
• Saves All Customer and Transaction Records
• Allows for Customer Notes / Print Invoices
• Works at any U.S. Bank
• Prints Checks and Check Drafts for immediate deposit
• Accepts Credit Union and Bank Checking Information
• Prints Customer Reports or Individual Data Sheet or Invoice
• WebDebit™ Internet Payment Option Included
Set up Automatic Monthly Billing / Recurring Payments
Batch Printing – 3 per page or 1 up printing options
• Automatic Routing Number Validation
• Online RoutingTool™ with Funds Verification Phone Numbers
• Text file Import / Export to Excel (.csv) or .txt
• Invoice and Stub: Compatible with #10 Window Envelopes
• Has 2 User Defined Fields – Searchable
• Prints Checks and Drafts up to $999,999.99 [under $1M].


DUPLEX for (2) Users

Order CheckWriter Duplex Full Version $199.00+S&H

 Order CheckWriter Duplex Upgrade Version $89 +S&H


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