The Single User Version

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The Single User Version of CheckWriter™ Software is designed for businesses having one user, in one physical location who will be processing all check drafts from a single computer.

If you need to share information between multiple machines, you must use the Network Edition or the Enterprise Edition.

These are the
Features for the Single User Version:

• Effortless Double Click Installation from CD ROM
• Password Protected w/1-user password for security
• Easy to Learn, Easy to Train
• Saves All Customer and Transaction Records
• Allows for Customer Notes / Print Invoices
• Works at any U.S. Bank
• Prints Checks and Check Drafts for immediate deposit
• Accepts Credit Union and Bank Checking Information
• Prints Customer Reports or Individual Data Sheet or Invoice
• WebDebit™ Internet Payment Option Included
Set up Automatic Monthly Billing / Recurring Payments
Batch Printing – 3 per page or 1 up printing options
• Automatic Routing Number Validation
• Online RoutingTool™  with Funds Verification Phone Numbers
• Text file Import / Export to Excel (.csv) or .txt
• Invoice and Stub: Compatible with #10 Window Envelopes
• Has 2 User Defined Fields – Searchable
• Prints Checks and Drafts up to $999,999.99 [under $1M].
[added in v6.0]
• Mapable Import and Export Functionality: 
   Create and import from any file and export in any format.
One-click Global Search "binoculars toolbar search"

[NEW for 7.9]
• Has database backup utility with auto-scheduler
• On-board real-time RoutingTool ABA lookup Utility on Toolbar
• Installs on Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8 & 10 version 1603
100% Check 21 Compliant:
            -  Works with desktop deposit
            -  Works with "no envelope" ATM scanners
- Optional Removable USB Flash Drive for Automatic
                                                         Secure Back-up


If you are a new customer purchasing the CheckWriter Single User Version for your business, we offer a complete package including everything shown below, for the same price as the CD alone: $129.99 including shipping and 50 blank checks.


Start accepting checks by phone the same day your software arrives, and watch your sales and collections increase immediately.  We guarantee it, or your money back.

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