- Why was my check returned for Non-Cash Item?
- Why was the deposit returned as Non-Chas Item?
- What does Non-Cash Item mean?
- What is NCI on a check?

Non Cash Item
 - NCI - A check returned stamped Non Cash Item, Not Cash Item, NCI or Not for Cash is usually an invalid check, like a rebate coupon, promotional check, or gift certificate that is deposited in error as a real check.  Items stamped NCI, Not Cash Item or Non Cash Item cannot be re-deposited.



 Telltale signs: 
 - Says non-negotiable on face or "This is not a real check".
 - No bank name listed
 - No 9 Digit Routing Number
 - Comes with offer in the mail 


Use services that will check the validity of your checks and drafts before you deposit the items. If you don't know how to contact the bank once the check is returned, call the bank phone number. You can use RoutingTool to verify the Routing Number or BetterCheck to verify the check.


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