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How to accept virtual checks online.
Can I process virtual checks?
How to accept virtual checks at your website.
Can I take a virtual check at my business?

Any business can start taking virtual checks online, even without a website. Using software like CheckWriter is the easiest way to take checks from customers, clients, patients, tenants, or policy holders online. 

How to:
Take virtual checks just like you would take credit cards. Using an existing shopping cart, secure web form, or third party payment form online will allow  you to gather all of the information you need to accept virtual checks online.

CheckWriter software comes with a generic WebDebit Internet order form that you or your webmaster can modify to allow for virtual checks.  Just change the company name and add the products or prices to the form, then save it to any secure server.

Once the information is gathered from your customer, CheckWriter software will import the information and enter everything automatically. All virtual checks and online check payments that are imported, will automatically be queued to print in a batch, with no manual entry required.

What next:
After you receive virtual check payment online from your customer and import the data, then using a laser or ink jet printer, you create a draft of each check, with no signature required. 

CheckWriter™ will print a draft that you can then deposit into any U.S. bank the same day.  The draft will be treated just like a check you receive through the mail or over the counter.  Just endorse the back, and make your deposit.

Benefits of Accepting Virtual Checks:
If you accept a virtual check online you will immediately increase sales and collections. People like control, and paying online is done on the end users own time, at their own speed, comfort level and in privacy.

Increase collections right away by giving past due customers the option to pay with a check online. When contacted by phone, many debtors are reluctant to pay, due to surprise, not being prepared with check details, or due to pride, personal reasons or the emotions that come with collections calls.

Providing a place online where past due accounts can be updated makes your customers far more likely to pay their bill.   You can provide the online payment address with any calls, or include the link to the form in mailings made via email and U.S. mail, providing that extra option and ease of payment.

Also, offering the ability to pay with a check online at any website that sells goods and services will immediately increase sales because a new market comprised of checking account holders that outnumber the credit card holders by over 70 million strong will be able to use their check payment online.

CheckWriter Software and Accepting Virtual Checks:
When you use CheckWriter™ software, there is a sample "Generic Internet Web Form", that come with every package. Use this sample form as a template to accept checks online, or use your own existing forms, or shopping cart, and modify them to inform the customer that they have the option to also pay by check online.

CheckWriter™ forms can be configured with a few clicks in Microsoft FrontPage, or add a cgi, php, or xml script and store the information in a text file for easy import.

CheckWriter™ software will allow you take checks online, as well as take checks by fax and checks by phone. All of these are considered a virtual check.  Online check acceptance is a fantastic tool to instantly boost sales and collections.

Checks by phone:
Learn how to take checks by phone.


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