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When printing checks and drafts, using authentic Federal Reserve Regulation 'CC' blank check stock is essential. Under the new Check 21 law, mandated by the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act, blank check stock, or check paper, is classified as a product for Financial Services and the Payment Processing Industry.  Because of this, Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations apply to sale and distribution of this stock.

Under these regulations, legitimate blank check stock cannot be sold to anonymous buyers, including anonymous retail sales, and anonymous online sales, where the buyer is not authenticated and known to be using the stock for legitimate reasons.

Blank check stock should be purchased through a legitimate check printer, or the vendor where you obtained your check drafting software.

New Check 21 regulations also require special features that will not interfere with new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software used to process checks and create Image Replacement Documents, (IRDs), and Image Cash Letters (ICLs). 

Use of blank check stock that does not meet new regulations may be reason for return, surcharge or deposit blocking by the processing bank.

How to:
To order authentic Federal Reserve Regulation CC blank check stock for CheckWriter software, use the order blank check stock link.  Check drafts are always printed on business size stock to comply with check drafting regulations. 

CheckWriter offers top check, blank check stock and also CheckWriter refills for 3 per page users in quantities of 1,500 or more.

What are the features?:
Features Include:
  - Chemical Alteration Protection
  - Erasure Protection
  - White mark appears when erased
  - Security Screen
  - Authentic Watermark
  - "Original Document" verbiage on check
  - Authentic watermark invisible in light 
  - Compliant with all Check 21 and OCR regulations

CheckWriter software comes with at least 50 blank checks in every package.  To order more blank check stock, click the yellow question mark in the manual, fax or mail in the re-order form, download this blank check paper order form, go to and order online, or call us at 800-893-6001 and order over the phone right now.

Use of 'safety paper' or 'copy paper' or 'IRD' stock, or any stock not meeting the Federal Reserve Board of Governors Regulation 'CC' requirement could cost you more than any small savings by using the wrong blank check stock.

Don't gamble with inferior blank check stock.  Get authentic Federal Reserve Regulation 'CC' blank check paper from the supplier. 

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