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Many businesses can benefit directly from taking checks by fax. Using fax check software is the easiest way to take checks from customers, clients, tenants, policy holders, and patients.

How to:
You can either create a standard form for your customer to fax to you, or just ask them to fax a copy of their check for their order or invoice.  Once you receive the fax copy of the check, you have implied written consent to create a draft of their check using fax check software like CheckWriter.

What's next:

After you receive a check by fax from your customer, using fax check software like CheckWriter, you simply enter the information, then using a laser or ink jet printer, you create a draft of the check, with no signature required.

CheckWriter will print a draft that you can then deposit into any U.S. bank the same day.  The draft will be treated just like a check you receive through the mail or over the counter.  Just endorse the back, and make your deposit.

Benefits to using fax check software at your business:
Fax checks are the easiest to process and the most accurate, because you have an actual picture of the check from the fax.  This way, there is no confusion as to what the routing number, the account number or even the check number are.  Just take the information from the face of the check yourself.

In addition to accuracy, taking checks by fax will create a paper trail where you the merchant will have written proof of authorization.  Although not required for check drafting, this is a valuable loss prevention tool, especially in industries that are considered high risk or may have potential for fraud or misuse.

CheckWriter Software is fax check software:
When you use CheckWriter fax check software, there are sample check by fax authorization forms that come with the package. Use these sample forms as a template to take checks by fax, or use your own existing forms and modify them to inform the customer that they have the option to also include a copy of their check.

CheckWriter forms including wording for one-time authorizations, monthly recurring billing authorizations, and open ended authorization for variable billing.

CheckWriter software will allow you to accept fax checks, phone checks and online checks.  Fax check software is the fool-proof method because it creates a paper trail, affords written authorization, and eliminates customer errors.

For additional information about taking checks by fax, see the FAQ page, or if you already own CheckWriter software, look in your manual under FAQ, then click the FORMS link to access the free sample check by fax authorization forms.

Checks by phone:
Learn how to take checks by phone.


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