Check Drafts with No Signature Required:

How to create a check draft with no signature.
Do banks take checks with no signature?
How can I deposit the draft with no signature?


Because you are printing a "draft" of the check, no signature is requited.  CheckWriter will automatically print a standard signature disclaimer that will be accepted by any U.S. bank.  Check drafts are treated just like a check you get through the mail or over the counter when you deposit them into your bank. 

CheckWriter Basic software creates a draft of the check for deposit only into any U.S. bank.  When creating a
check draft, the merchant is creating what is known as a demand item that will be accepted for deposit in any U.S. bank, and will be treated just like a regular check, except it is for deposit only, not for cash.

Check drafting is simply creating a valid legal copy of the customer's check. Because it is created by the merchant, no signature is required.

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More information about Checks vs. Drafts:  

It is important to fully understand the language of check acceptance before you begin to deposit drafts generated by CheckWriter™. With CheckWriter™ software you are accepting the customer’s check information, and creating a "DRAFT" of their check for deposit. 

Because no signature is required once you obtain authorization by phone, fax or over the Internet, you can create a draft with "No Signature Required."

No bank will accept a "CHECK" that does not have a signature, or without special magnetic ink in the MICR code line. However, banks will process a "DRAFT" this way. Drafts differ from checks because although they are authorized by the accountholder, they are generated by a third party.

The Uniform Commercial Code permits the process of drafting by defining signature in the following regulation: Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 (39)

This regulation only makes check drafting possible,  not "required." Your bank may deny your items for deposit if they have reason to be suspicious. Suspicious items are covered in Regulation CC 229.13, Exceptions.

Check drafting requires no special license, only the permission of the account holder. 

CheckWriter™ will help telemarketers comply with the FTC Regulations 16 CFR 310 in regard to proper record keeping.  This regulation only applies to outbound telemarketers, and does not cover inbound calls or transactions between customers where and relationship already exists.

These drafts comply with all known U.S. standards and should only be printed on security bond check paper: Federal Reserve Board of Governors Regulation 'CC.' 

If you approach your branch, be sure you word your questions carefully. Most branch managers and tellers do not know much about this technology, and may even tell you they do not accept such items. 

Asking questions of your bank where you raise doubt as to the validity of the items may cause the bank to to hold items under Regulation CC 229.13, Exceptions.

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The new "Substitute Check Law" known as Check 21, has greatly increased the use of check drafting.  Click this link for more information on Check 21 and Check 21 laws.


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