Checks for Clunkers - $50 payment:

- How can I get cash for Checker Software
- How can I get cash for Checker Pro
- Can I get CheckWriter instead of getting
       the Checker Upgrade?

Overview:   Don't Upgrade Checker Software Until You Read This.
All versions of Checker Software qualify for the "checks for clunkers, " program. The program is designed to take outdated check drafting software, non-compliant applications, unauthorized version releases, and other "clunker" check drafting packages that may not be fully compliant with current ABA and Federal Reserve regulations or standards.

These "clunker" software products clog up bank processing facilities, slowing the pace of business, costing banks and consumers, and inhibiting economic growth. Don't upgrade Checker, get $50 paid directly to your credit card or debit card when you trade in your Checker Software for CheckWriter™.

Why are Checker and Checker Pro on the clunker list?:
Checker Software and Checker Pro are not Check 21 compliant. Using these products may also violate current data security laws. Checker Software and Checker Pro software are OFF THE MARKET and the websites have been disabled.

How to qualify for $50.00 if you own Checker or Checker Pro:
To get the payment, check the list of qualifying software below.  If you have one of these brands, we will give you $50 towards the purchase of CheckWriterBrand Software - the industry standard. 

Software that will qualify for a $50 payment toward CheckWriter:
- Checker Software
- Checker Pro Software
- CheckMan Software
- Check Man Upgrade
- Checknique Software
- Checknique Upgrade
- Check Composer Software
- CheckMatic Software
- Chekfaxx Software
- Check Fax Software
- Draftability Software
- Draftability Upgrade
- Q-chex Brand
- Q Checks Software
- Q-Checks Upgrade
- My Personal Check Writer
- My Business Check Writer
- My Check Writer Home and Business
- Upgrade My Personal Check Writer
- QuickPay Office Pro Software
- Office Pro Upgrade
- Quick Pay Upgrade
- Versa Check Brand
- VersaCheck Pro
- Versa Check Upgrade

Steps to take:
1. Order CheckWriter Single User Version, CheckWriter Best Deal Package, CheckWriter Network Edition or CheckWriter Enterprise Edition at the posted price.

2. Fax your receipt and order number along with a receipt or web order confirmation for any of the brands listed above within 30 days of placing your order to 617-249-0850. If you do not have your original receipt, you can also photocopy and then fax the face of the CD ROM that corresponds with one of the listed clunker brand names.  If the software did not come on CD ROM or Floppy Disk and you have no receipt, your other option is to open the software and print the ABOUT screen showing the brand name and version, and that it is registered and not a trial version. 

3. Once your proof of ownership is received, a $50 payment will be made to your credit or debit card within 30 days or less.

PLACE YOUR ORDER:  Here ---> Checks for Clunkers


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